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The I Hate Stephen M. Club

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[14 May 2003|08:36am]

not like anyone ever reads this, but someone threw a waterbaloon into my friend's car, and of all people who do abnsolutely stupid things, stephen meek was the one who looked out the window after the incident. a ruined stereo and a wet fuckin' car, and he's the link. either he rats his friend or he takes the fall. mwa ha ha ha!
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woo [17 Sep 2002|02:45pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

hi lisa and all. i saw stephen today. he looked evil. i think i saw satan himself in his eyes. *strokes chin* hmm..

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NICE [28 May 2002|05:39pm]

wow. very nice community.
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christy... [07 Dec 2001|06:59pm]

where are you?

anyway stephen continued to give me mean looks and put his fuckingimput in where it didn't belong
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Shalom [05 Dec 2001|03:51pm]

Hey Everybody-

This is my new community so join.
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